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Intimate space,
impressive scale.

These are ideal spaces to bring people together or provide a haven of individual retreat; places outfitted with creativity, intelligence, and style, and designed to give the impression that they’ve evolved organically over time. Classic, yet contemporary, the interiors at 250 Lawrence are graced with the same elements that define the neighbourhood – charm, authenticity, a sense of invitation. Proof that good design makes life better.


The Modern Collector Q&A With PATTON DESIGN STUDIO

Toronto-based design firm Patton Design Studio is renowned for creating welcoming interiors within some of the city’s most notable residences. Their work speaks to a sense of taste and unpretentious comfort, borne from an appreciation for classic design. They were the obvious choice for the interiors at 250 Lawrence, spaces that meticulously blend tradition with playful nuance. We sat down for a conversation with them, that revealed the inspiration behind the project, and their ultimate goal with every design – to create spaces where people can live well and live comfortably.

Q What was the inspiration behind the interiors at 250 Lawrence?

A We design with the end lifestyle in mind, creating spaces that provide a carefree, beautiful backdrop for those who want to live well. We begin by addressing the goal that each design is intended to accomplish. Our priority is to find a solution that works well, then we concentrate on how it looks. The result isn’t just great design that looks beautiful. It’s design that works beautifully! Frank Lloyd Wright said it best: “form follows function.”

Q How did the contemporary mid-century architecture influence your design?

A It’s imperative that the design of interior and exterior spaces are unified. The international mid-century modern look that Graywood and Quadrangle chose for 250 Lawrence is one of our favourites – it’s crisp and clean, with a nod to the past, perfect for both classic and modern tastes. We worked in collaboration with the architects to continue the sensibility and style of the façade throughout the interiors.

Q What are the key elements that make a space feel elegant and welcoming?

A Exceptionally beautiful, sumptuous, sophisticated materials such as stone, porcelain, and wood, interpreted with unique detailing; a variety of carefully planned lighting; interesting textures; beautiful furniture and fabrics – these are the elements that combine to create an elegant and welcoming space.

Q What’s unique about the aesthetic at 250 Lawrence?

A The Bedford Park neighbourhood is a wonderful community within the city. It’s an area that successfully combines an
established history, green space, and peaceful streets with charming homes, gardens, schools, boutiques, gourmet food
shops, and a vast variety of restaurants. The area is timeless, not trendy, and our design at 250 Lawrence follows that lead. We’ve used a traditional, yet refined aesthetic. Very chic. Very comfortable.

Q What’s the biggest mistake to avoid when decorating a space?

A Always keep the “big picture” in mind. And make sure that furniture isn’t too large for the space.

Q What excites you most about 250 Lawrence?

A We love the location! It’s cosmopolitan and vibrant, yet extremely welcoming – a place where your neighbours make
you feel instantly at home. Some of the suites feature ceiling heights up to 15’ and the professional kitchens will turn even reluctant cooks into enthusiastic chefs.